White Labeled Telemedicine Platform Development

With the right white-label telemedicine software solution, you can deliver quality virtual health care to your patients while streamlining your clinical workflow and providing a quality virtual health care experience for them at the same time.

Having Envision Square at your disposal enables you to grow your revenue as a medical practice in a way that will benefit your patients and, at the same time, increase your profits.

White Labeled Telemedicine Platform Development

White-label telemedicine software development services at your disposal

Telemedicine has grown in popularity over the last few years as the healthcare industry has evolved. As a leading white-label telemedicine provider, Envision Square provides white-label telemedicine solutions that help remain competitive in the telemedicine space.

Our white-label telemedicine app solution allows you to schedule appointments online, schedule virtual consultations, receive immediate medical attention, etc.

Further, doctors worldwide can provide remote medical assistance without being physically present from anywhere at any time using these solutions.

The development of custom white-label telemedicine software development services is one of our mission to revolutionize how healthcare providers and patients communicate with each other using cutting-edge technology in this field.

We have always ensured compliance with regulatory standards like HIPAA when developing telemedicine solutions for clients throughout the development process.

As a leading developer of high-quality and affordable white-label telemedicine software for our clients, Envision Square has been around for years.

This platform allows hospitals, clinics, and individual practitioners to communicate with patients seamlessly. At the same time, patients also benefit from the platform that allows them to communicate seamlessly with their doctors.

Telehealth Software Development Services

Through our Android and iOS app development solutions, we offer you advanced tools and technologies to ensure you stay up to date with the latest and greatest business trends as the business landscape changes.

These solutions can be integrated into your current management system to achieve better results with increased speed.

You just need to give us a call to get started!

Whitelabel Telemedicine Software Development Services

Apps for mobile telemedicine

We provide a HIPAA-compliant white-label telemedicine platform for iOS and Android devices that allows doctors to conduct in-person consultations via video, share their screens with their doctors in real-time, and securely store their medical records.

Technology for streaming telehealth

Our white-label telemedicine app development services will enable you to set up virtual appointments using Multipoint Control Units (MCUs) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology and conduct consultations with the use of Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Telemedicine Software Development

By developing software solutions through our knowledge of software development, our mission is to further improve healthcare quality through telemedicine, online patient screening, and e-prescription management.

mHealth Application Development

Mobile health applications are developed on various platforms, including Android, Windows, iOS, native, web, and hybrid versions. We have access to developers who can integrate wearable technology with mobile devices and develop real-time monitoring software architectures.

Integration with Pharmacy

Pharmacy software can be integrated with telemedicine apps so patients can access pharmacists via telemedicine apps. Pharmacy software can be integrated with a white-label telemedicine platform so patients can receive medicines after verifying their identity. By adding medicine invoices to the application, pharmacists can keep track of prescriptions.

Store & Forward Telemedicine Software Development

We at Envision Square use a cloud-based telemedicine system to secure and transmit medical information, including digital images, pages, documents, and prerecorded videos.

EMR/EHR Software Integration with Telemedicine Software

The white-label telemedicine app we develop is tailored to integrate with the EHR systems. We utilize secure messaging protocols and encryption protocols for data transfer between systems. We ensure the seamless exchange of health records by integrating EHRs with telemedicine programs.

Our approach to White label telemedicine development services that get results


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Benefits you get with White Labelled Telemedicine Platform Services


When an existing company makes what you need, it probably already has all the tools and processes it needs, so there is an economy of scale. If you use technology that can do the job faster and more efficiently than you can, you will be able to save time and money.

Each healthcare executive who wants to create their solution does not always have a dedicated IT department to build a complete solution. It is unlikely that your IT department has been able to build something as robust, secure, and safe as a telemedicine portal, no matter how extensive it is.

Telehealth solutions should continually evolve and improve to provide data protection and support new integrations. Telehealth solutions allow healthcare professionals to focus on treating patients.

A simple click will allow you to spend more time with patients. 

We make it easy to connect patients and providers with our platform’s simplified workflow. It includes clinical data from EMRs and health records, and you can add, view, and modify patient charts in minutes.

Making the digital world easier for hospitals | Telemedicine Platform For Hospitals and Clinics

As a sole objective of our company, we will develop software that will allow doctors and patients to communicate securely and quickly via video, voice, or text using a secure and scalable Telemedicine App.

With the mobile apps we developed, hospitals can generate more consultations for their patients and doctors. The app does not have to be a marketplace; it can be used as a private app in your clinic or healthcare institution.

Why choose us

Creating an excellent relationship between the patient and provider is the key to providing advanced patient care and reducing the cost of primary care. Using our Telemedicine app development services, Envision Square allows patients to consult doctors and get specialists at their disposal remotely from anywhere in the world. 

The following are a few reasons why we are a reliable choice for white-labeled Telemedicine platforms compared to other service providers.

Diverse specialties under one unique system

Minimize costs and improve outcomes

Effortless and efficient

A secure payment method

User-friendly interface

Frequently Asked Questions

Telemedicine Software enables healthcare professionals to provide information and services remotely via the Internet. This technology allows patients to communicate effortlessly with their healthcare providers via audio, video, or text chat and share information about their health.

As part of our white-label telemedicine platform services, we customize our clients, considering their preferences and customizing apps and websites according to their specifications, such as branding, features, UI, and other features.

With more than 10 years of healthcare industry experience, Apollonger Digital Services Telemedicine App Developers can take your app to the next level.

At Apollonger Digital Services, we provide Telemedicine software development services for people who need them.

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