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Have you been looking for the best Mobile App Development company that offers quality services? This is the right place for you. We at Envision Sqaure have developed over 2000 mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms from scratch as a team. Get your free quote now!

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Regardless of the complexity or diversity of your business needs, Envision Square covers 

the entire cycle of developing mobile apps for business, from concept through application development. 

With our team of experts, we can provide our clients with a wide range of business solutions based on their years of experience in global app solutions and product development.

From successful startups to fortune companies, Envision Square has served every sector in developing compelling mobile apps that generate sales. With our services, we enhance workflow, bring functions together in a seamless way, and ultimately increase business productivity.

The team we have on hand consists of world-class developers and designers who can develop mobile applications that are conceptualized and designed strategically to grow your business.

End-to-End Mobile App Development
Services For Your
Every Business Need

Whether you require native or hybrid app development, we offer a wide range of app development services. With our app developers, you can launch your app on a variety of platforms, giving it a fantastic makeover, based on your app idea.

React Native app development.

With our React Native app development, you get the best of both worlds: a ReactJS solution with the power of a Native app. No matter what type of React app you want, Envision Square React team can help you go beyond cost-effectiveness to gain the many advantages that come with React.

Hybrid App Development

Ensures that your digital business landscape has a wider reach among the many users of your apps running on several different operating systems. Using React Native framework, our team of experts creates cross-platform applications for various platforms.

Development services for Android and iOS mobile applications are the most critical factors determining an organization's traffic reach and profitability.

Android App Development

By using Kotlin and Java, you can develop an Android application that is scalable and high-performing. Having developed Android apps over the years, we have helped many businesses establish their presence on all the latest platforms and devices in the market. As well as developing applications, we also work on integrating them with corporate systems and back-end web services.

Flutter Apps Development

Flutter-based applications provide a highly customized, flexible, scalable, and secure user experience. By integrating a single codebase across iOS, Android, and the web, we can help you create fantastic and seamless mobile applications. As a Flutter app development and consulting company, Envision Square assists in user experience design, UI/UX, API development & integration, and maintenance & support. To boost business growth, we aim to deliver an incredible experience.

iOS App Development

With the use of iPhone app development tools, Envision Square team of iOS developers has assisted businesses in creating unique business models and reaching enhanced business objectives. In addition to iOS app development, we can also port your existing Android app to the iOS platform and create an iOS app from scratch.

Our Holistic Mobile App Development
Process Guarantees

We offer end-to-end app development services. Whether you plan your app, code & program it, or launch it on the App Stores, Envision Square provides end-to-end Mobile App Development services. This is a step-by-step look at how we develop apps.

Our goal is to get to know you and your project, as well as determine the market fit of your app idea. But more importantly, we want to see what your vision is and what your goals are. Consequently, we choose the technology stack, the technologies, the features, and the functions we will include.
Once all the decisions, plans, and strategies are in place, your app idea is handed over to our app designers. Here, our team of skilled UI/UX designers will take charge and transform your idea into something concrete & beautiful.
Our team of highly-talented app developers undertake every step of the app development process, including developing a solid front-end and back-end of your product.
DevOps is performed continuously to build a highly-quality robust app solution using programmatic languages, tools, and developer's kit.
Upon completing all the functionality, the app is deployed on the respective App Stores so users can use it. As part of the deployment process, out developer submit the app to the Apple App Store or play store and make it accessible to all users.
After downloading the app, users will immediately be able to offer feedback once they use the app and get familiar with it. As a result of that feedback, we gradually start introducing new updates for further improvement. We are a top-notch app development company that ensures our apps' stability and security. Our organization is always available to assist you with any questions following deployment.


To develop an app, you can expect to pay a range of anywhere between $2500-$4,00000. At the end of the day, the price for app development varies from basic to premium features. But when you are under the shadow of Envision Square, we charge the minimial price and ensure that you get your dream app development within the budget.
Currently, React Native is one of the most widely used frameworks for developing Native apps, and it is an ideal choice. Native applications are designed to run on iOS or Android platforms. Depending on your operating system, we have a team of the best React Native developers to enable you to build an application.
Developers of mobile applications used Java as the first programming language to develop their apps for mobile platforms. The language still reigns supreme as the top choice for programmers. In addition to that, there are also other choices, such as Kotlin, C++, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Dart.
We will sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your mobile app concept as part of our commitment to you. The most popular mobile app company on the market, and developing mobile business apps is what we do best.
As part of our Mobile App Development in Dubai team, we are proficient in developing cross-platform and hybrid applications. As part of our process, we discuss your requirements and suggest the platform and process for app development that will be most beneficial to you. Besides that, our company can provide you with a custom-made mobile app to meet the needs of your business.
With over a decade of experience developing mobile apps for startups and Fortune 500 companies, Envision Square has a track record of developing thousands of successful mobile apps, which makes us the most reliable mobile application development company.
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