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Due to the exponential growth of medical marijuana, it is becoming increasingly crucial for a company to have a comprehensive Marijuana SEO strategy in place to ensure long-term success in the industry. Apollonger team is here to provide proven medical Marijuana SEO services to assist in outranking your competition worldwide.
Marijuana SEO

Our Marijuana/Cannabis SEO services

As part of our cannabis SEO strategy, we will help you increase organic traffic, sales, and ROI through the following methods:

Cannabis Keyword Research

Knowing your target audience when searching for your products or services is the first step in any successful marijuana-related business. With over a decade of experience working with consumers and companies worldwide, we know precisely how marijuana-related keywords work.

Cannabis Product Optimisation

Creating, updating, and optimizing your product and service pages makes them more appealing to customers and search engines. To ensure you promote marijuana-related products on your website, you should use relevant marijuana keywords related to the items you are marketing.

Local SEO for Marijuana

Combining our collective cannabis industry knowledge and proven local CBD SEO strategies will allow us to take a closer look at your unique features and recommend improvements to increase your rankings.

Monthly Reports For Marijuana SEO

Our monthly marketing reporting service will provide you with a detailed report outlining your progress and overall results within the last month as part of our monthly SEO reporting service. With the help of a team of dispensary SEO experts, we will continually optimize your website to maximize your return on investment.

FAQs About Marijuana SEO

Several countries have legalized cannabis, increasing the competitiveness of the marijuana industry. Weed SEO helps your brand and business succeed!

There are a variety of SEO techniques specifically applied to marijuana-related businesses, including:

Analyses of marijuana competition
Local cannabis SEO, including Google Business Profile account setup – for dispensaries and accessory resellers
Optimization of conversions (leads, sales, newsletter subscriptions, etc.)
Assessment of Google penalties, removal, and cleaning of invalid links
Link building for cannabis
Cannabidiol keyword search

We at Apollonger have created a digital service specifically for cannabis SEO designed to meet all your needs! The system complies with all the requirements and good practices of Google SEO (and other search engines) for cannabis-related businesses and applies those to your website.
Marijuana SEO is becoming increasingly important in this cannabis race as it creates a competitive marketplace.

A particular limitation is it can’t (yet) conduct paid advertising for either medical (recreational) or recreational use. The promotion of cannabis-related businesses on social networks or search engines is not permitted, just like cryptocurrency advertising.

It will be more difficult for cannabis companies to stay ahead of the competition as more competition enters the market soon.

A long-term solution to this problem would be to increase organic traffic and visibility using search engine optimization. It is now mandatory for every company involved in the marijuana industry to have a marijuana SEO strategy. With Apollonger Digital Services, you can get SEO services targeted explicitly at Cannabis advertising and promotion.
Probably, you’re wondering how much SEO consulting services cost for cannabis companies looking to improve their search engine ranking.

There is, unfortunately, no quick and easy answer to this question. Depending on how many links your company needs per month and what services your company needs, SEO services costs vary.
With recent changes in law and regulation surrounding cannabis’ recreational and medical use, the cannabis industry is experiencing exponential growth. As the US market grows, it is expected to grow significantly, and European countries will follow this trend.

New businesses can benefit from this at every level of the supply chain. Businesses related to cannabis, such as:

Farmers who grow weed and cannabis locally
Introducing new brands
Oils, dried leaves, etc.) are new products.
A re-seller
The carriers
Medical and recreational dispensaries
Stores nearby

Legalizing cannabis will increase the market’s demand as countries regulate the drug. It is currently illegal to sell cannabis through official channels or markets. The government is attempting to suppress the black market by legalizing cannabis to control merchandise entering the supply chain and collect taxes on it.
Cannabis SEO is not an exact science about how it works or how long it takes for it to work, and it is not magic. The number of factors determines how long it will take to see results in the search engine results, including the size of your industry, the difficulty of the keywords you are targeting, and the number of links you build each month.

The rankings of cannabis companies will generally improve after three to six months and can reach even greater heights after six to twelve months. It has been reported that some clients see results within three months of starting to invest in SEO.
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