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DuckDuckGo(DDG) is one of the best ten search engines grown exponentially in recent years. Though now it has only about 0.63% of the world search market share and 2.5% of the US search market share, its growth is consistent. In 2019 DDG served 15 billion searches, a 63% increase annually. In 2021 it rose to 24 billion searches, an increase of 57% from 2019. This increase has been consistent over the years.


The above data shows that any business has immense opportunities in the future if it appears in the first search results on DuckDuckGo. So quickly get your business on the first results of DDG.

Why should you go for DuckDuckGo SEO?

One of the main reasons why people are going to DDG is its privacy policy. People are worried about their data as they are being tracked and traded whenever they use the internet. They do not want it to be tracked and shared with others and want to keep their data very personal and private. 


DDG promises that it neither stores your data anywhere nor uses cookies to track your searches. It is one of the most private search engines available today.



Focus on competitor analysis

We check the visibility of your competitor on DDG by analysing them deeply. We check the gaps in their businesses, identify their weaknesses and provide crucial insights that can help you make a place for your business on DDG.

Keywords analysis is crucial

Correct keywords in your URL, blogs, and websites are primary for your business to appear on top searches. Apollonger provides the best keyword analysis and ensures that your content has the right keywords. It helps your business appear in searches and also reach your target audience.

On-page SEO is a deciding factor

DuckDuckGo SEO considers your content on the web page vital to ranking high. Well-written content with appropriate keywords, a good headline, tags, and internal links only can provide high rankings.

Attention toward Technical SEO

Knowledge about Technical SEO decides whether your website ranks high or not. Your website must be fast, and the search engines must easily understand it and have smooth navigation. These technicalities that improve user experience come under technical SEO. DDG gives a lot of importance to these aspects while deciding the ranking of your website.

Link Building to authoritative sites

Linkbuilding to authoritative sites is crucial in deciding how high your website ranks on DuckDuckGo. Your webpage has more chances of ranking high on DDG if you have more backlinks. It shows other websites consider your page valuable and tells search engines that they are credible and authoritative.


Apollonger provides expert DuckDuckGo SEO for your business. With Apollonger, your businesses rank high on SERPs and garner organic traffic with time. DuckDuckGo SEO finds new opportunities for your business and helps you scale the dreams you have nurtured.


Below You Can Find Popular FAQs

The significance of DuckDuckGo SEO has increased drastically over the years. This is a search engine that is focused on privacy. Due to the same reason, SEO has become a lot more important, especially for this search engine.
If you want to keep all your searches, as well as the out-of-data profiles, in a private manner, you should use DuckDuckGo. Every time you search for anything on the DuckDuckGo, it would be like, this is the first time you have searched for something there.
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Yes, many people have been considering DuckDuckGo as a better platform than Google. It is because this search engine is fairly safer than other browsers. DuckDuckGo won’t collect notable user data, nor it track your significant search history.
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